Presbytery of Falkirk

The Chair of the Superintendence Committee is Mrs Janice Guthrie, tel. 07974 558666, e-mail In addition to matters arising through Superintendence visits following the requirements of Church law, the Committee deals with the issue of Practising Certificates, the examination of Rolls & Records and nominates members to the Panel of Ten, to be available to assist Presbytery at short notice.

Over the year 2009-2010 the Committee redeveloped their approach to Presbytery Visits and reviewed the questions which form the basis of the discussions during the Visit. The Guidance Notes for congregations and the revised questions (revised January 2011) can be found by following the links shown below.

Guidance Notes and Questions (2011) in .pdf format     Guidance Notes and Questions (2011) in Word format

The annual Inspection and Attestation of Congregational Rolls and Records takes place in March each year. Guidance Notes of various kinds for preparing documents correctly can be found by following the links shown below. They are all in .pdf format.

Rolls & Records Guidelines (2011).
Model Minutes (2011).
Guidelines for Log Books (2011).