Presbytery of Falkirk
Congregational Finance

The Leader of the Congregational Finance Team is Rev David Wandrum,tel: 01236 723288, e-mail The functions of the Team include reviewing and adjusting Mission and Renewal Allocations, monitoring payments made by congregations and providing assistance and support to congregations in managing their finances.
Presbytery Form D has been introduced to assist congregations in setting out a claim to have their allocations to central funds reduced. Please read the notes on the reverse of the form and send the completed form to the Finance Team Leader and not to the Presbytery Clerk or the Property & Congregational Finance Convener. The ultimate deadline for receipt of applications relating to the current year's Allocation is the beginning of August.

Presbytery Form D - Allocation Reduction Request in .pdf format     Presbytery Form D - Allocation Reduction Request in Word format

To save the Forms to read or print later, right click on the link above and select "Save Target As" or "Save Image As".

Information for Congregations who may wish to employ a qualified third party in connection with their Annual Accounts: Mr Paul Clelland CA, offers to engage with Congregations on an individual basis, to provide either advice or assistance in accounts preparation (with someone else performing the independent examination) OR to perform the independent examination himself, with or without preparing the accounts.
The time and therefore the cost involved will vary, but the following is a very rough guide which should not be regarded as a scale of fees:
to provide support in the preparation of accounts would cost in the region of 50-100 to deal with basic issues;
for receipts and payments accounts (<250,000 income, unless accrued accounts required) - 125 for examination only; 200 for accounts preparation and examination;
for accrued, SORP compliant, accounts (required for >250,000 income) - 200 for examination only; 350-400 for accounts preparation and examination.

Presbytery is not promoting Mr Clelland's offer of services and takes no responsibility for these services. Finance Courts must satisfy themselves as to the value of these services.

Contact details for Mr Clelland are:
Mr Paul Clelland CA
Paul Clelland Accountancy
16 Lennox Avenue
Glasgow G14 9HG
Telephone 0141 950 4656